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Full of Flavour


Full of Flavour | Oh-so Sweet | Deliciously Juicy

Oranges have been hailed as Vitamin C heroes for hundreds of years and are loved as a healthy snack by young and old. Freshly squeezed orange juice is universally popular.

NavelGold® provides orange lovers with a premium selection of navel oranges with that great typical orange flavour (sweet and low in acid), deliciously juicy and seedless. NavelGold® oranges are the perfect eating orange as it is easy to peel and sections up beautifully.

Share in the excellence: as part of the ‘golden family of citrus’, the NavelGold®; promise is a consistently high-quality eating experience.

Did you know: the navel orange derives its name from its ‘navel’, which protrudes slightly at the apex of the orange.

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