Easy to peel, sweet and juicy, virtually seedless!

ClemenGold is a wonderfully sweet and aromatic soft citrus fruit that is
sun-ripened and hand picked by selected growers from across the world.


Unless you’ve had the privilege of eating one before, ClemenGold is like nothing on earth. This wonder citrus boasts an unparalleled combination of flavour, aroma, juiciness and awe-inspiring appearance.

But the real surprise is inside: lusciously juicy and subtly fragranced seedless flesh with a delectable taste that’s as naturally sweet as honey.

ClemenGold growers take pride in nurturing young seedlings to become fruit bearing trees that carry fruit that is fragrantly ripe and ready to eat. Fertile soil, warm sunshine, rainy days, a great deal of enthusiasm and tender loving care all come into play. Together these elements create a harmony that reflects the golden standard, which makes ClemenGold so special. Great care is taken when picking and packing the fruit.

Stay healthy and happy!

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