Wacky Wine & Zesty Citrus

Zandvliet, Shiraz pioneer from the Robertson Wine Valley, and citrus superstar ClemenGold are shaking things up during the 2016 Wacky Wine Weekend from 2-5 June.
Travel back in time during vertical wine tastings of vintages from 1984 – 2016, or extend your Zandvliet visit with a relaxing VIP experience.
Celebrate the fusion of this rich wine heritage with one of SA’s most exciting fruit brands duringZandvliet/ClemenGold pairings, and join in the general festivities with locally produced craft beer by Saggy Stone, Zandvliet Glühwein & wine cocktails on tap, as well as tummy-liners such as steamy roosterkoek and a selection of delectable fillings from homemade jams to roasted meats.